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                          Welcome to Young

                          Chengdu Young Education & Consultancy Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, who is aming to be a professional conference organizer and providing a series of professional full-service for relevant business.
                          Young sticks to the strategy of international development, who has built long-lasting and friendly cooperation relationship with over 100 world-famous universities and scientific societies from all over the world, mostly in the form of two parties co-organizing high-class academic conferences globally in various scientific fields, such as computer science, electronic engineering, communication engineering, materials and manufacturing engineering and so on.
                          As a professional conference organizer, Young provides you:
                          1. Professionall confernce orgazation cunsulting
                          2. Marketing & Communicaton
                          3. Onsite Management
                          4. Budgeting & Financial Managemtn
                          5. Sponsorship & exhibitions
                          6. Venue selection
                          7. Hospitality arrangement
                          8. Speaker coordination
                          9. Abstract/Paper handling
                          10. Registration Service
                          11. Website & on line System
                          12. Staffing
                          13. Accommodation & housing
                          14. Transportation
                          15. Conference tours
                          16. Social events
                          17. Banqueting & catering
                          18. Ground handling & logistics

                          Besides, Young has a good collaboration relationship with migration organizations and educational institutions in quite a few countries, besides, it has been granted with the qualification of “Sichuan Exit-Entry Intermediary Agent” (License Number Granted by Sichuan Ministry of Public Security [2011] No. 3213), who has started up the following projects successfully, Canada Provincial Nominee Program, Singapore Investment Immigration Program, USA Investment Immigration Program EB5, Singapore Business Visit and Study Program, Business Visa and Study Visa of different countries.

                          As an immigration advisor, Young help you to apply:
                          1. Student visa
                          2. Visitor visa
                          3. Work visa
                          4. Partnership work visa and residence visa
                          5. Parents residence visas
                          6. Skilled migrant residence visas
                          7. Work to residence visas
                          7. Business investor residence visas
                          8. Business set up and operational advice on an on-going basis
                          9. Settlement services after arrival
                          In addition, Young also keeps in close contact with the governments of different countries, chambers of commerce, and financial institutions all around the world, who has distinctive advantages when it comes to the arrangement of international training, study visits, academic tours and communication.
                          Young holds the concept of “Provide the services to scholars, Promote the communication in academia”, who strives to provide professional and high-quality service to promote the academic communication between different religions and countries. Young aims to offer the most professional international service to every scholar and build up the brand of the professional academic service provider of integrity.

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